Due to the CoVid-19 pandemic we are suspending our Pop-Up Performances until further notice. 

Pop-Up Performances are short, fun-filled, original, family friendly theater pieces. We "pop-up" and perform at various locations like libraries, local fairs, and community centers.



T. (508) 865-5276

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T. (508) 865-5276

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Do you want to host a
Pop-Up at your event?


T. (508) 865-5276

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Pop- Up Performers

What are we looking for in Pop-Up Performers?

1) Positive attitudes

2) Clear, loud voices 

3) Expressiveness

4) Excellent ability to follow directions

5) Fun & Interesting Characters

6) High level of adaptability & improv ability

What are we going to perform?

Students will be performing original pieces. We have performed pieces like "Goose Tales" by Kelli Deliso in the past.

What is the schedule?

Schedules will be organized based on cast availability. We expect casts to rehearse 2-4 times prior to performances. 

What does it cost?


This is a free program offered by Green Bean. Participation is free to all students.

Green Bean is a 501c3 organization and is able to offer free programs with the generous funding from our corporate sponsors and family & friends supporters.


How do we sign up for auditions?

Please visit our website at greenbeankids.org to register online if auditions are scheduled. You will find a pop-up performance page that will continue to be updated with information about this program. You may go directly to our registration page to sign up for auditions.


Frequently, pop-up performances are cast by invitation.


Kids involved in workshops during the year are eligible for this program and are asked after displaying high levels of adaptability, quick memorization, reliability, and improv abilities due to the very changeable nature of these performances and the extremely brief rehearsal period.


If you are interested, feel free to email kelli@greenbeankids.org to know what you can do to get involved.


Who should I contact with program questions?

Kelli is the lead on the pop-up performances and can be contacted at kelli@greenbeankids.org.