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Let's Celebrate this December!

As mentioned in our latest blog post, GBC is working on a Winter Spectacular that will be making its debut on December 23rd!

We will be seeing everyone's holiday traditions in the form of comedy skits or sketches. So let's learn about some traditions/holidays from around the world that will surely knock your fuzzy socks off!

Christmas- We all know of the jolly man in the red suit with fluffy white trim that comes on Christmas Eve, but even though it is a Christian holiday, many people around the world celebrate it. Did you know that all of the items in the popular Christmas song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” totals 354 gifts?

Hanukkah- Another common winter tradition celebrated by those in the Jewish religion. It is 8 days long, and involves lighting a menorah. A food often eaten during this wonderful celebration are latkes- or potato pancakes! Here's a link for a recipe to try it yourself even if you don't celebrate the holiday! Once you try it, add your own special touches!

Kwanzaa- The name comes from "matunda ya kwanza" which in Swahili, means "first fruits". Traditionally celebrated by people with African cultural descent, each family does it differently. It mostly includes dancing, songs, beautiful African drums, poetry reading, storytelling, and a large meal. Sounds amazing, right?

Ōmisoka- A Japanese tradition on December 31st to welcome the new year! It sure is full of festivities!

I hope you have enjoyed learning about some world-wide traditions in December! You can even share your own in the comments area! Happy Holidays, no matter what you celebrate!

By: Vivien B. age 12

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Emma F.
Emma F.
05. Jan. 2021

The Holiday Spectacular Was So Fun!

Gefällt mir
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