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Set Design Project

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

by Madeline N.

The Green Bean Club is working on a new project, a set design project!

The people in Green Bean Club have separated into groups for this project, each group has decided to either write a story or to use a story from book. Each group is going to design a set for the story they selected, the group can either draw the set or build a model of it.There are also many types of stages to choose from. You can design your own set at home, too! We'll post a picture of the results when each group finishes.

From Ms. Joscelyn:

"I'm so excited the GBC was able to connect with Claire DeLiso, and learn about professional set design. One of the benefits of a virtual group is it allows us to have special guests we wouldn't normally be able to see. Claire did an excellent job sharing her creative process and inspiration with students while also discussing the technical, logistical side of set design. It's wonderful to see the kids engagement and excitement about this project. Their creative spirits never cease to amaze me."

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