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Sutton Spooky Stories! Two Days Left!

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Hey Green Bean Kids and fans! What a strange and exciting Halloween! Isn't it? I think it's fun to have the snow though. Anyway, enough talk about snow, let's talk about our Sutton Spooky Stories Tour! Some of you may already know what that is, and some of you might be saying, "Emma, what on earth are you talking about?" Incase you don't know what our spooky tour is, I'll tell you about it. This year the Green Bean Club along with a few other green bean friends, are hosting a socially distant Spooky Story Tour around Sutton. We're hoping this will bring everyone a little bit of cheer, despite this crazy year. All around Sutton we have placed cornstalks with some fun Halloween decorations, and on those cornstalks are QR codes. (If you don't know what a QR code looks like, a placed a picture below.) You can take whatever device you like to use, open your camera app, hold it over the QR code, and you will see a header pop up. Just tap the header. (You might have to do something different for android or other types of devices.) When you tap the header, it will bring you to a true spooky story about something that happened in Sutton! You can watch all of the videos. We hope you enjoy watching them! If you want to know all of the locations, check a different part of this website for a map. It's only $5.00. The rest of the tour is free! It's open from 4-8pm today and tomorrow. I would like to chat to you all more, but it's already 5:00! I have to go to the tour. Oh and by the way, for a little extra fun, you could where your Halloween costumes when you go! Bye!!!

Written By: Emma Fiore

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