October Baking Sprout Event!!

Friday, October 2nd 

3:15pm to 4pm


Guess what?

The Green Bean Club is hosting another sprout event on October 2nd! And this time, we’re putting a fun twist on it… We’re making Funfetti cupcakes! It’s a super easy and fun recipe. Don’t worry, we’re not doing it from scratch. Anyone can do it! It’s right from a box mix, and premade frosting from the store. While the cupcakes are baking, we will play a fun theater-related game. 


If you don’t have time to get the mix and frosting, the Green Bean Club Kids can DELIVER IT right to your door and wave through the window in a fun costume! 


If you want to grab it yourself, no worries. The delivery is always optional. 

It’s only $5.00 per person if you choose to buy everything yourself, but if you want the fun delivery it’s $10.00. We include a list below of everything you’ll need. 


Everything Required:


1 Pillsbury Funfetti cake mix (Gluten-Free Option Available)

1 container of premade frosting (any kind)

3 whole eggs

½ cup of vegetable oil

1 cup of water

2 cupcake\muffin pans (for 24 cupcakes)

a pack of paper cupcake tins (24 or up)

a medium mixing bowl and a utensil for mixing (fork, spoon, or spatula)

A parent ready to help out at any time!


Extra Notes:

Your oven will have to be set at 350 degrees F. 

No electric mixer needed

You will have to put the ingredients from home (eggs, vegetable oil, and water) in small bowls ahead of time, so your child can easily pour them into the medium mixing bowl.


All this fun only costs 5 dollars!


This workshop is open to all kids from Kindergarten to third grade.

(description written by Emma, rising 5th grader & Co-President of GBC)

  This workshop is designed by and led by the Green Bean Club kids. GBC kids (grades 3-9) will be supported by Miss Joscelyn as the adult facilitator during the meeting. 

Sprout Events are fundraisers for the GBC Club. 

Baking with "Eggstrodinary Emma & Friends"