Sutton K-5 NEWS

Quarantine Characters

Green Beans have been using their creativity during this stay-at-home time. kids are getting together in weekly Zoom meetings and have used their imaginations to create "Quarantine Characters" along with song lyrics, fantastic stories, and more!

Stories to Stage 2021

Despite the challenges, Green Bean Club intends to continue with our Stories to Stage program and the first step is artwork! Everything we received was truly a masterpiece, ranging from quick sketches to detailed paintings. Some of them became stories, and will eventually be a theater extravaganza!

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Throughout 2020-2021 Green Bean kids in grades K-6 have found fun, new opportunities to channel their creativity. The videos below are a slice of our artistic pie which has included: The Sutton Spooky Stories Tour (October), MASS MoCA Project, Jacob's Pillow Project & More...

We are looking forward to bringing in-person program back as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we hope everyone is staying safe, sane, and using their imaginations!