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Thursday, 3/28

  • In-School Performances

  • Act I performs for SCEL at 8:45

  • Act II performs for Elementary at 


In-School Performance Times


Grades K-2 Audience 

8:30/8:45 kids enter  - 9:45ish finish

***Student actors for Act I will checkin with teachers (8:15) at their classroom, drop backpacks, and come IMMEDIATELY to the auditorium where we will dress them so we can start on time.



Grades 3-5  Audience

10am kids enter - 11/11:10 finish

***Student Actors for Act II*** dismiss from class at 9:40 and gather in back hall to get ready at 9:45

  • Please have children arrive to school with base clothes under their normal school clothes

  • Performances are first thing in school day

  • Kids can remove base clothes and put into gallon ziplock bag following in-schools

Friday, 3/29

  • 6:30pm Performance Starts

  • General Call Time is 6pm

  • GBC call time is 5:30pm

Saturday, 3/30

  • 6:00pm Performance Starts

  • General Call Time is 5:30pm

  • GBC call time is 5:00pm

Dismissal Procedure for after performances.

  • One authorized adult will wear sticky name tag with student name(s) o it and come down to the lower entrance area.

  • Sticky name tags for both nights will be provided to parents at pick-up from Dress Rehearsal

  • Please be patient

  • Volunteers will match children with authorized parents and dismiss them from 2 hallways.

Who's in Act I?






Chalice Keepers


Who's in Act II?

Monday M&Ms






Cupid & Cherubs

2024 Dates & Basic Info

Dress Rehearsal

Wednesday, 3/27

2:45pm - 4pm :  Set-UP

  • Kids not in Enrichment may come direct after school to Green Bean in the auditorium and start getting ready.

  • Enrichment kids - please communicate to Enrichment that your child may dismissed to Green Bean following Enrichment

  • Backstage and Parent Volunteers arrive and get organized

  • Kids may bring CLEAN snack and water

  • Kids do not have to wear their base white clothes unless they want to

  • They MUST wear their white shoes

4pm - 5pm :  Act I

  • Full Run-Through (no stopping) with full tech

5pm - 6pm :  Act II

  • Full Run-Through (no stopping) with full tech

DISMISSAL and ARRIVALS are through the upper, exterior SCEL Auditorium door.

Students may be dismissed directly to Green Bean from School - PLEASE COMPLETE SCHOOL DISMISSAL FORM

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn



Perform in Stories to Stage

Register for Open Performance Cast by Dec. 31

         Rehearsals Jan-March Wed. 3-4:30pm

         Open to grades K-6

         All Joscelyn's classes are automatically in the performance

        Open Cast is open to everyone - so try it out! Or if you've been stuck on a waitlist for Joscelyn's classes...this is your chance!

        Ms. Kelli, a co-founder, is returns once a year to direct this special cast.

        Register Online


Stories Contest

Submit a creative short story by Jan. 2

         Open to Sutton grades K-5 and all Green Bean students

         Write a story inspired by 1 or more pieces of art from the Art Contest

         The THEME this year is MYTHOLOGY

Scroll down for submission options

Art Contest


         Scroll down to see WINNERS!


March 29 and March 30 ~ SCEL Auditorium


Story Contest 

Please note we have a theme this year.
All stories will be Mythological. Create your own myths, put a spin on one you know.
Whatever you wish. Let your imagination go wild!

Sutton students grades K-5 and all Green Bean students are invited to write a short creative story inspired by 1 or more of the art pieces chosen from the STS Art Contest this Fall.

Due Date for Stories is January 2, 2023

How to Submit a Story:

1) Email stories to

2) Take a picture and text it 

3) Video your child telling the story if they are too young to write and email it

4) Students can bring story to school on Jan. 2 and send it through their teacher to the SCEL front office for the Green Bean mailbox

Winning stories will be chosen in the 1st week of January and used as inspiration for Stories to Stage 2024 scripts to be integrated into the full performances on March. 29 and March 30.

The 2024 Stories to Stage Concept

The Stories to Stage show has a unique format this year which allows for the growth of our program with our High School Green Beans. They are able to join design, writing, assistant directing  cohorts. 

All stories will be weaved together in a full length musical. 1 set for all! That means more stories will be able to be showcased through script, song, and dance. We will be constructing the set during February vacation and have rehearsals as well for costume fittings during that time.

The premise is that there is a council of the mythological Gods/Goddesses/Magical Creatures. They have come together to hear stories and vote on which stories will make "The Book."


We will explore many concepts within the theme and welcome original creations of these characters and stories, twists on those we know from any culture from long ago. We are staying away from any from this century as to not offend. We will focus on ancient myth - Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Celtic.


It all depends on what the kids write and what the students are most interested in exploring consistent with the spirit of the Stories to Stage Program.

We are very excited about this new growth and are looking forward to the collage it creates this year!

Story Contest
2024 Concept
Art Contest Winners

Art Contest Winners

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