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Programs Offered

Programs Offered

Workshops & Classes

Green Bean offers a wide variety of workshops and classes to kids of all ages. As a mobile organization, we customize the theme and content of each workshop to meet the needs and interests of the group we are working with. In addition to honing acting skills, skill based classes are a wonderful way to help children develop the many social-emotional skills associated with participation in the performing arts. Skills frequently focused on during skill-based classes and workshops are empathy,  observation, adaptability, introspection and reflection, stretching the vocal and physical range, increasing resilience, quick & creative thinking (improv), expanding the imagination - and having fun of course! 

All of these skills are explored through the lens of the arts.


Classes may focus on specific theater subjects like: character development, performance, story-telling, musical theater, script-writing, improv, and more...

If you would like to offer a workshop or class at your school or organization, please contact us. We will work with you to create a custom program that suits your students or members. Programs can range from 1-day, 1-hour workshops all the way up to months long programming. 

Performance Programs


Performance programs are performance focused - which is different from our skill based workshops. Theses programs can range from 1-2 days to 3-4 months.


Performance skills focus more on public speaking, understanding an audience, working with others on stage both verbally and non-verbally (team work), memorization, body control and awareness.

Green Bean often creates original work for the kids to perform which allows the students' strengths to shine. Older Green Bean students may also be given the opportunity to co-write with their director when appropriate. We encourage student participation in the creative development process.

Our annual Stories to Stage Program​ at the Sutton Early Learning Center & Sutton Elementary School is a great example. If you would like to offer the Stories to Stage Program at your school or organization, please contact us.


Pop-Up Performances


Our pop-up program is a summer and fall program run by Ms Kelli that is true to its name. A Green Bean student can either be invited into a cast or an audition for this program will pop-up late spring. Pop-up casts are small, troupe like groups that will quickly memorize parts in a short, funny, original script. These family-friendly performance casts will pop-up and perform at local events, fairs, libraries in the community during the summer and fall.

Pop-Ups are a great example of a Green Bean special event. If you would like to explore an idea for a special event or appearance from the Green Bean Troupe, please contact us.

Creativity Clubs


In response to the changes of COVID in the spring of 2020, Green Bean launched a new program to the meet the needs of our students. The "Green Bean Club" or GBC, as it is often called, is a unique club focused on group exploration of the arts.

GBC operates as a facilitated democracy, meaning that the club members often vote and have final say on which topics and projects we work on. This allows the group to focus on what sparks the imagination and curiosity of members. Members take on leadership roles as officers in this unique arts club.

Lots of laughs and zaniness ensue but Ms Joscelyn always finds time to throw some learning in. The club has explored different modalities of art, local art/artists, enjoyed special guests from the world of professional theater, understood bits of theater history, flexed their design and writing muscles, and so much more.

Due to it's popularity, a new club geared towards younger students (Grades 1-3) will begin in January 2021.

If you have any questions about GBC or GBC Jr. please contact Joscelyn.

All Sutton 2022-2023 programs follow the snow day and any school cancellation.

Following submission of Registration Form, you will be contacted regarding payment options, dismissal procedure, and other applicable information prior to class start date.

All Green Bean students and parents agree to the GB Code of Conduct which will be shared prior to start of class.

Green Bean Rule #1: RESPECT. Respect the stage, respect yourself, respect others.

Green Bean Rule #2: KINDNESS. We are kind to ourselves, others, and our world. Kindness exists even in disagreements.

Green Bean students are photographed at some classes, events, and performances. If you do not want photography of your child shared, please let us know. 


Green Bean has hired administrative staff, please email logistical questions to beginning September 1st.

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