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Green Bean offers a wide variety of workshops and classes to kids of all ages. As a mobile organization, we customize the theme and content of each workshop to meet the needs and interests of the group we are working with. In addition to honing acting skills, skill based classes are a wonderful way to help children develop the many social-emotional skills associated with participation in the performing arts at an early age. Skills frequently focused on during skill-based classes and workshops are empathy, conscious awareness, observation, stretching the vocal and physical range, increasing confidence, quick creative thinking (improv), expanding the imagination - and having fun of course! 

Read more on how participation in the arts effects a child's brain development.

Performance Programs

Performance programs are performance focused - which is different from our skill based workshops. Theses programs can range from 1-2 days to 3-4 months.


Performance skills focus more on public speaking, understanding an audience, working with others on stage both verbally and non-verbally (team work), memorization, body control and awareness.

Green Bean tends to create original works for the kids to perform that allow the students' strengths to shine. We also offer programs that encourage student participation in the creative development process.

Our annual Stories to Stage Program at Sutton K-5 is a great example.

Pop-Up Performances

Our pop-up program is a summer and fall program run by Miss Kelli that is true to its name. A Green Bean student can either be invited into a cast or an audition for this program will pop-up late spring. Pop-up casts are small, troupe like groups that will quickly memorize parts in a short, funny, original script. These family-friendly performance casts will pop-up and perform at local events, fairs, libraries in the community during the summer and fall.

Visit our Pop-Up Performance page to understand more about these programs.

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