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Stories to Stage Program


The Stories to Stage Program includes 3 steps.


All students in the participating school(s) are encouraged to submit their artwork. This can include art they have done in class and art they have done independently. All styles of art are welcome, including sculpture. Unique, creative works are chosen as the winners of the Art Contest. These chosen student artists become the "Artists of Inspiration" for the program year.

*Art Contest is Sept-Nov. No registration needed.


All students in the participating school(s) are encouraged to submit creative, original short stories inspired by the "Inspiration Art" - the artwork chosen in the prior step of the program. Students are encouraged to write stories with interesting characters, that share meaning or message, and contain the unexpected. Stories are chosen as the winners of the "Story Contest." These authors become the "Writers of Inspiration" for the program.

*Stories Contest is in-school in Nov. No registration needed.

**Please note: Part of the purpose of the Art & Story Contest is to include students in the creative process that may not be inclined to perform. Often, children get the incorrect notion that theater is just about performing. This program seeks to educate kids (and their adults) that there are many different facets of theater that they can creatively engage in beyond stage performance.


Open auditions are held and stories are cast. Auditions are open to all students through online registration. Each story cast  rehearses 1 day weekly (Ex. Monday Cast always rehearses Monday 3-4pm). Kids are welcome to be in more than one story cast. The stories of inspiration are crafted into scripts based on the auditioning students skills and strengths. Scripts and characters continue to evolve throughout the rehearsal process. By allowing the story scripts to develop with the cast, Green Bean is able to engage the actors more fully in the creative process and highlight their strengths. Often, older students may actually write some of their own lines or even try out script writing for others with a Green Bean Director's guidance. Following an 10ish week rehearsal period, the theatrical show is ready to share with the public!

*This requires registration for auditions on Dec. 7. Your child then will be cast as a character. Rehearsals are 1xweek January through March. There is tuition for the 2022-2023 STS year.

The program culminates with 2 public performances on March 31 & April 1 -  which shares the collaborative creative efforts of well over 100 kids!

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The Stories to Stage Program is a subsidized tuition program with the support of local business and family sponsors as well as funds raised through ticket sales. Parents are responsible for purchasing clothing (shirt, pants, socks, shoes) for their child. Additional costume pieces are provided by Green Bean and the help of volunteers.



What are we looking for at auditions?

1) Positive attitudes

2) Ability to follow directions!

3) Expressiveness and Characters

4) Clear, loud voices

5) Good Listening & Adaptability

6) Kindness towards others

7) Willingness to try new things

How do I fill out the Register for Auditions?

Online. Here.

What are we going to perform?

The Stories to Stage Program culminates in a student performance. Any Sutton student is welcome to audition to be part of a story cast.

Each story chosen from the Stories Contest is turned into a stage piece with its own separate cast. Each cast has a designated rehearsal day that they will use to rehearse each week, it is the same day every week. 


Please be sure to talk to your kids about the commitment before requesting they be cast in multiple stories. All of the casts perform their stories at every performance. There is an in-school performance day and two weekend performances for the public. 

When are the 2022-2023 auditions?

Auditions will be Wednesday, December 7th.


Students need to register online to attend auditions and you will find a link on our website for that when registration opens. Audition group size is limited to 35 per day. 


On the day of the audition, please send a green slip with your child to school giving permission for them to stay after with Green Bean. At dismissal students will be brought to the cafeteria by their teachers. We will have 15 minutes for a quick snack and water before going to the auditorium for stage auditions.

It is vital that students commit to attend all rehearsals. Casts work as a team and it is very hard for them to prepare if they are missing players.


We encourage our performers to show respect for themselves, each other, and the program in this way. We do make exceptions for sickness and pre-approved special events.

Once again, early communication is best for this!


Rehearsals will begin January 4th.

What does tuition cost?


Tuition for the 2021-2022 rehearsal period is pay-what-you-can. Recommendation is $35/month for the 3 month rehearsal period of January-March or $100 flat fee.

Green Bean is a 501c3 organization and is able to offer this subsidized tuition programs with funding from corporate & private sponsors.

Keep in mind, families are responsible for the clothing pieces. This usually takes the form of a particular color - for example, a grape character may be asked to wear all purple clothing. Green Bean is able to provide most accessories, sets, costume pieces with the support of parent volunteers and family/corporate sponsors. If you would like to help support the program please email us.


There is also the ticket cost to consider. Tickets sold through the box office are the central form of funding for this program and range in price from $5-$10.


**Financial assistance is always available to families, please just let us know. The program's goal is to have any child that would like to participate to be able to do so.**

Who should I contact with program questions?

We encourage you to contact us at anytime with questions.

For general program questions, please email

How should my child prepare for auditions?

Get a good night sleep and drink water.

You can help your child prepare by practicing saying their name and grade in a loud, clear voice. Practice "walking to center stage" with a strong, calm body. Practice acting out whatever you say - suggestions: feeling words (happy, sad, excited, scared) or animals (bear, cat, fish) or characters (witch, chef, elf). Practice listening very closely to direction and trying out new things.


Let us know if you have any special skills! Can you dance, sing, play an instrument, yodel, do a cartwheel? Let us know!

(Joscelyn enjoys kids that can rap old school)


Students may memorize a line or two, with a maximum 30 second time limit, to present at auditions. If you're not sure what to memorize we suggest Shel Silverstein, Dr. Seuss, and authors of that genre.

Explain to your child that auditions begin as soon as we see them which means behavior in the cafeteria may effect decision making. We like to see listening, kindness, enthusiasm, cooperation, and ability to focus.

Set your child up for success! Easy, healthy snacks are best with water. Candy or high sugar content may set them up for a crash during auditions - with that said you know your child best so follow your instincts on this.

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