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Stories to Stage 2024

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Green Bean Project will be providing costumes, accessories, and props. that are returned t Green Bean following the show.

We raise money through fundraising efforts, tickets and private sponsorships to cover the productions costs like this as well as sets, rentals, etc.

We do ask all students involved in the show to provide the "base clothing" that they wear under the costume which includes footwear, socks, and fitted body clothing (pants, shirt, leotard, etc.) These are items that you keep.

I have placed options below and provided links to items on Amazon. You do not need to purchase these exact ones. I did this for convenience. You are welcome to shop around and find similar options at local stores.

Costume check will be on March 15 during the mandatory Tech Rehearsal day. During your class time slot, please arrive in your base clothing with stage hair and makeup done.

Costume Base Clothing



Mythological Melodies & Movement




Open STS Cast w/ Ms Kelli



**Please choose options that align with the "tribe vibe" we identified in class.



Please choose options that align with the "tribe vibe" we identified in class.


Stage Shoes: WHITE

Link to Amazon link for shoes

Agility shoe option (if child doesn't want to wear ballet slippers)

Link to Amazon agility shoes

White Socks:

Link to White Socks on Amazon

Clothing Options

Please choose combination of clothing options that your child is most comfortable with. These options are for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday classes. Kelli sent Wednesday class specific notes.

White Unitard:

Link to White Unitard on Amazon

Long-Sleeve White Leotard:

Link to Long-Sleeve White Leotard on Amazon


White Tights:

Link to White Tights on Amazon

White Booty shorts (for over tights *optional)

Link to White Booty Shorts

Long-Sleeve White T-shirt:

Link to Long-Sleeve White T-Shirt 

White Leggings:

Link to White Leggings

White sweatpants:

Link to White Sweatpants on Amazon

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