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Stories to Stage Projects

This is our Stories to Stage Scripts Project Page. You'll find links to all the working documents for scripts from Joscelyn and the student writers. These are live links so week to week as things are added they are immediately available via these documents after class.

Monday Class: Mythological Music & Movement

The Monday class has a rhythm to their scripts.

Story of Souls

Hades & Hera

The Should Necklace

Disturbance of the Black Dog

Michevious Character.png

Tuesday Class: GBC Jr.



Clouds Script: Paisley's Group 

Nephele: Paisley   

Happy: Sam   

Sad: Olivia

Mad: Christina   

Clumsy: Abby

Tired: Evelyn K

Funny: Kendall

Hera is Not A Thief: Grace's Group 

Symbolic Building.png

Friday Class: Green Bean Rep

The Immortale Fish

Creation of Your World

The Storm Story

The Immortale Fish Exit

The Immortale Fish Intro

Tap Dance


Magical Mermaid.png
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