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Green Bean scripts are weird...

Yes, Green Bean scripts are weird!

They don't look anything like the ones you received if you did school theater when you were young...why is that? And why is there still no ending scene on some?

Green Bean scripts for the Stories to Stage program are custom written for the students in that particular story.

The stories arising in T, W, Th GB classes take it a step further by encouraging kids to create their characters, collaborate on the storyline, chose songs, and more.

It is GB staff's job to facilitate all this wonderful expression and package it for stage. As I often say, I need to make it make sense - loosely. The focus is more on the process than product which is a very different approach than traditional school theater. Much of the writing happens during the rehearsal process which is why often times scripts are not finished!

Beyond including the kids in the creative process, this also teaches an important lesson that perfection and rigidity is not our goal. We are flexible and adaptable as Green Beans.

Things change and that's okay! This is a very important thing we learn. Not just to tolerate change but to actually embrace it as enhancing our experience and project. Adaptability is the number one skill related to career success (look it up - it's SCIENCE!).

Green Bean's approach inherently is teaching a number of social-emotional skills that often times people can't quite see from the outside. It's part of what makes the program so special. Green Bean programs are designed not just to explore and practice art forms but also with a psychological skill building component.

So that's why your scripts look different!

Friendly reminder to all our STS families, that those funny scripts can always be found in your cast or class Group. go to "Group List" on the homepage. We use google docs so you always have access to the most up to date version.

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