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It's Time to Vote!

What time is it? It's time to vote! Sutton's 4th of July parade is coming up on June 26th. Green Bean Repertory (GBR) has chosen characters that could possibly be in the parade! 4 green beans will dress up, each playing someone different. The 4 characters that receive the most votes will be in the parade. Here are three AMAZING American people/characters that can be in the parade if you help vote for them! (Note - you can vote for 4 characters only. Click the big red button on our homepage to vote.)

Rosa Parks - Rosa Parks stood up for African Americans (and people as a whole) by refusing to give up her bus seat. Her act was the spark for the Montgomery bus boycott which became the start of the civil rights movement in the US. Rosa is an idol to many people, and she deserves a spot in the parade.

Big Bird - We love Big Bird! Big Bird is one of the most cheerful characters on Sesame Street, and he is fun-loving, bright and all around awesome! Who wouldn't want to see a big yellow bird marching in a parade?

Dr. Seuss - Dr. Seuss is a fantastic childhood author who created some of our favorite stories and characters to take us on an adventure. Green Bean has even done a summer pop-up play using characters from many of his stories!

Vote for Rosa Parks, Big Bird, and Dr. Seuss because of the work (and fun, depending on character) they have brought to us today!

*Written by: Empire State Eagle, age 12

*Empire State Eagle is a student in GBR. For this project, we had to campaign for our team's characters while playing a character ourselves. Due to this, I am unable to reveal who I really am right now! Bonus challenge: can you figure out who I am?

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