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October = Creative Explosions!

Houston...we have lift off.

Green Bean started the academic year with a bang this month in Sutton. Six different groups are running weekly classes this month, 91 registrations, 3 performance/improv events, and a waitlist for a 7th section. Wow - we are off to a big start!

October - The Focus:

With all the excitement - new Green Beans, returning students being together again, and newly being back at the school - we want to create a fun, burst of energy in the programs this month.

October - The Approach:

This month is less about concrete arts and social-emotional skill building and more about the start of new relationships, allowing teachers to observe how students naturally create and interact, and allowing a space for the "burst" of energy and creativity to come through at the start of the year.

The information we gather as teachers this month will help us customize the groups' plans for the year.

October - The Skills:

Vulnerability: Sharing creative thoughts, acting, being who they are with small groups

Curiosity: Trying new things, Exploring performing, asking questions

Adaptation: Changing plans, using resources available in the moment, creating in the moment

Conflict-Resolution: Working with others, creating stories and plans together in groups


It's a WILD month at Green Bean and so much FUN!

In November, we will be quieting down. We will be turning inward and working on self-awareness and acting basics. This will be done through different lenses based on the class theme.

For example: Integrated Arts will be introduced to professional artist(s) that exemplify this skill and work on an individualized piece of art or performance are that is reflective of themselves.

Stay tuned for more class updates!

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