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Updated: Feb 8, 2021

In November, GBC visited MASS MoCA in North Adams, MA virtually and explored their own creative expression through art. GBC members then worked on a project inspired by what they learned about different artists highlighted through our virtual visit and the general concept of such a cool, unique museum! See their work below.

The assignment was: Imagine that MASS MOcA called and asked you to create art for them. What would you create?

The rules were: It has to say something of meaning. It can be a self-reflection piece, wherein you say something about yourself, or it can be a comment on your world, wherein you say something about how you view the world. That's it! Everything else was entirely up to them.

Take a look at the final the play button under each artist to see their piece. Use the link below to access the live document.

*Only GBC artists that chose to share their work publicly are included.


Click HERE to see the art.

Below are just images, to view art you will need to click the red link above. You also have the option of downloading the pdf if you prefer.

Download PDF • 73KB

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