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Hey, did you know: There's something spectacular coming your way. (And soon!)

Written by: Vivien Bregman

Video by: Paisley Bregman

It's called a Sprout Event!

And there is still time to register! What's that you ask? Well, a Sprout Event is a 1 day workshop event on Friday the 31st, July 2020 from 4 to 5 pm (EST). But what's really unique about it is it is hosted and coordinated by the kids in the Green Bean Club (supervised by Miss Joscelyn) and the $5 you pay to come will be going towards fundraisers to purchase club merchandise. (Fun, right?) During the event we will play many thrilling story and character games that will all involve lots of artwork and creative imaginations. It is also encouraged to come in costume like the hosts. Who this event is for is grades kindergarten through 3rd and another great thing about this virtual event is that your friends in that age group don't even have to live in Sutton to participate! And even more exciting than that is that the Great Green Bean has made us a fantastic video with all this information that is easy to share with eager friends and family. Go ahead and check it out.

Wasn't it just incredible? Anyways, I can't wait to see you there if you can come!

Written by: Vivien Bregman

Video by: Paisley Bregman


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