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Lights, camera, action! Special guest Claire DeLiso- Coming soon to a theater near you.

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Written By: Vivien, age 11

The day all us eager Green Beans and fans have all been waiting for... a special guest will finally be making a grand appearance at the Green Bean Club on August 13th, 2020!

Claire DeLiso is her name and professional set design is her fame! Her majestic works have appeared at The Public, Westport Country Playhouse, The Women’s Project, Baltimore Center Stage, The Csokonai Theater in Hungary and several downtown theaters. She has also assisted on Broadway, at A.R.T., Lincoln Center Theater, multiple films including an exclusive coming soon film called Hidden Wounds, and so many more! But impressive set design doesn't just

take an extraordinary imagination... it also includes many (as she calls it ) "unrealized projects" that go into creating the extraordinary final production.


#1- Set Models

Set models are set (ha!) for each scene and are basically mini models of a set. (That makes sense right? "For what is in a name?"-Shakespeare) They are very intricate and from the looks of it, delicate. More can be found on her website (see bottom) but for now, here are 3 to showcase:

Aren't they just so gorgeous and impressive?!


#2- Set Sketches

Don't you agree that her sketches of sets she created are amazing?!


#3- Go Explore!

We encourage you to go check out her website yourself! It is pretty astounding and there is so much more to her and her work than displayed here! You can reach her site at Hope you enjoy!

Written By: Vivien Bregman, age 11

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