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Stories to Stage 2021-2022

We've grown and so has Stories to Stage!

As the story writing contest closes, Green Bean is focused on the upcoming Open Auditions and the skills class stories already being developed.

This year, a few things have changed. We now have two pathways for students to participate in Stories to Stage.

Pathway #1 Art Contest -> Story Contest -> Open Casts

Pathway #2 Skills Classes each get their own Story Cast!

Open Auditions are this coming Friday, Dec. 10 & Monday, Dec. 13 for Open Casts. Any student in Sutton K-5 is welcome to come audition and be part of a story cast. Rehearsals are 1x week from 3-4pm. The "Monday" cast rehearses on Monday, the "Friday" cast on Friday. This is a more traditional theater experience than GB skills classes and is great for kids to explore the stage and have some fun! Tuition is $35/month.

Each of the skills classes (Integrated Arts, GBC Jr., GBC, Wildling Wellness, GBR) also will each have their own story cast. These classes have already begun developing story lines, characters, and using their imaginations to the fullest as we create our Stories to Stage project together. The Wildling Wellness group even began writing a song based on their assigned Art pieces! See video below.

The BIG show will be the weekend of March 26th. Tickets generally go on sale in the month of March. As COVID evolves, we will continue to seek advice from our 2 pediatricians that are part of the Green Bean Board of Directors to keep everyone safe. We have submitted a grant application to the Sutton Cultural Council for audio equipment which we expect will be necessary if students are masked (as expected). We will continue to adapt our programs with the changing school, state, and medical recommendations throughout the process.

We will keep you posted! Also, please feel free to reach out. Sometimes I get so busy doing all the fantastic things with your kids - I forget to tell you about it! So please ask :)

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