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The Importance of being "Weird"

A child that continues to embrace their personal "weird" as they grow up is a child that will become a more successful adult. As brains develop and children enter early adolescence their awareness of others' perception, especially the opinions of peers, can lead to them diminishing their own uniqueness in an effort to fit in.

If they can get through this period of transition as individuals that express themselves, embrace their humor and quirkiness, while still exploring new layers of their growing will have an emotionally resilient, brave, joyful adult.

The arts can help kids working through fear, disappointment, and other "tough" emotions. The true practice of any art form will promote bravery, adaptation, and acceptance of all feelings without judgement.

Get your kids in an arts program. Set them up for success.

Enjoy this video of a couple early adolescents embracing their "weird." I couldn't be more proud of their exploration.

Project: Jacob's Pillow Inspired Piece

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