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Time Travel Thrills

GBC Jr. started last month and we're already off to amazing adventures! Here's what we explored recently:

Time Travel...

We crafted and shared our own homemade machines! Made out of an assortment of cardboard and other unique materials, they were quite the masterpiece. Then, we read some poems about the mysterious subject. Here is a riddle. You have to guess what time it is talking about.

Can you guess when I am?

The past is past me,

And the present is just the same.

I'm full of new possibilities and change.

Can you recall my name?

Life on Mars? Maybe.

A world full of robots? Yes.

So now that you have all the clues,

It is up to you.

Can you? Can you guess?

The answer is at the bottom of the page.

Another exercise/activity you can do with your family at home that we tried is...

  1. Form a group of people who are willing to be silly and act out characters.

  2. Hold on to your hats because you are about to time travel. (Seriously, we did). :)

  3. You have to pretend you are from a period in time (future, dinosaurs, etc.)

  4. You have an object and you have to come up with a little skit to share with friends, family or just yourself about what you people (or other animals or things) from this period would do with an item like this.

  5. An example to get you started is that you are a famous European artist in the Renaissance Era and you have just come across a telephone (which hasn't been invented yet) for the first time.

  6. Have fun!

The answer to the riddle above is The Future.

Written By: Vivien B., age 12

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