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What an extravaganza! Our adapted Stories to Stage performance for 2021

Last Saturday (June 26th), we held our first performance in nearly two years! The process began months ago with artwork, then stories, then stage as always, but some things had to change due to COVID. What we found was that many of the changes were actually for the better.

This year's Stories to Stage was run by Green Bean Club, and we are a democracy. So this year we all voted and chose to have some members be the directors if they wished to be one. Let's see what the plays were about and their inspiration.


Come One, Come All!

In the land of Fruitsania, there is drama uprising between a very self-centered frog named Panama, and the 5 new fruits in town: Watermelon, Apple, Grapes, Lemon and Orange. When mysterious flyers are spread saying that the fruits are vegetables in disguise, the fruits know they have to get to the bottom of this. It'll take smarts, the power of friendship, and possibly even a fruit ninja fight to solve this problem!

Penny the dog and the Magic Hammer

Maddie and Bria are sisters who often disagree. Combine them with the two most hilarious carpenters around and a little magic, and you'll find yourself intrigued to see what happens next when they uncover a puppy who needs their help! Even from the safety of their magical treehouse, there's some chilly weather coming in. Is staying out in the storm to save the pup a good idea?

Jillian and the Quest for Kindness

Looks like the land of Kale is in trouble when Celestia, a kind princess who has been cursed to have evil thoughts, arrives and plans on tricking an innocent girl Jillian. Jillian finds a map that leads to the River of Dreams, and on her quest to find it, she meets some very kind but eccentric friends. Together they reach Celestia's tower and use a special recipe to make Celestia see that she was wrong and should be kind. But! Beware: there is still an evil mosquito who could come and get you!


Defining Abstract

With jellyfish who speak in poetry and dance to tell this story, it takes many unexpected turns in to the deep dark history of the relationship between the human world as we know it and some other hidden realms. Turns out our food is alive! Walnuts who despise Pasta, and others who are just plain evil. The Walnuts form a group to try and sneak in to the Pasta HQ, but when they uncover an old Pasta journal entry revealing that the Pasta have reasons for their what seem like cruel ways, they realize that they need to stop their mission to save the pasta... together.

Rain on a River

After his mother passes, the prince of Eslaic, Rea, runs away from the palace and his father to get away from all the anger the king thrusts upon him. While there is much danger in the forest, he also comes across close companions of all kinds. Befriending bushes he learns what it's like not to be so spoiled and rich. To soothe everything going on with him, he joins spirits in a healing river. And when his Mother briefly visits him, she reminds him of some things to guide him to make the right decision. In the end, Rea and the king are reunited in a new happy family that might even make you shed a tear.

The directors were fabulous, but they weren't the only ones involved behind the scenes. Look out for a blog post coming soon about our brilliant artistic crew!

Thank you to Miss Joscelyn for helping make everything happen!

Instead of performing at the school's stage and auditorium, we performed at a beautiful property in Sutton including a wonderful barn and fields.

Blog post written by: Vivien B.

Come one, Come all! by: Emma F.

Penny the Dog and the Magic Hammer by: Ashley W.

Jillian and the Quest for Kindness by: Paisley B.

Rain on a River by: Elizabeth R-E.

Defining Abstract by: Vivien B.

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