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What We Did at the Last GBC Meet...

On the last Green Bean Club Meet (July 28th), we had our yearly summer election. We decided that Vivien B. will remain as secretary, Emma F. (me) will remain as president, and Paisley B. will be making fun videos every week about what we did in GBC that day. Others in the group will also be joining in on these fun videos, but Paisley will be the main person for that. Also, Geraldine, the newest addition to our club, who is also a leaf, (I'll explain more later) is going to help the club connect to Nature. (Geraldine, because she's a leaf, feels that Nature should be capitalized, and I have to agree with her.)

Meet Carl and Geraldine!

(Carl on top, Geraldine on bottom. Stored by Paisley B. Picture taken by Vivien B.)

In our meeting, we were talking about who would be running for each position. Now, all of the members in GBC are silly in one way or another, so one of our members (Paisley B.) picked a little flower. Carl, the little flower that was picked, wanted to run for a few positions. This member also picked a leaf named Geraldine, and the members of the group said that Geraldine was unemployed. Ms. Joscelyn decided that because Geraldine was unemployed, we needed to give her a job. About Carl, well, we just thought Geraldine was a better candidate. That's Geraldine's story, and now she's going to help connect the club to Nature.

Tomorrow, we are having our next Green Bean Club meeting, and I think we're working on some improvisation - acting on the spot! In green bean, we like to call it "improv". A few members of the group are also meeting to get ready for a new pop-up performance coming at the end of August! More will come about the pop-up as we get closer to the performance date.

See you at GBC!

Written by: Emma F, Age 11

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